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    Races of the World



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    Races of the World

    Post by Admin on Tue Nov 10, 2015 2:53 pm

    There are numerous and a nearly infinite number of different races in the world, so many that no-body knows them all. There are a few more common races however, and those will be listed here.

    Humans: +1 to two stats, 3 proficiencies, and 10 starting gold
    "humans are the most common race in the world, being fairly ordinary in most respects"

    Elves: +1 to dexterity or intelligence, 4 proficiences, and 10 starting gold
    "Elves are a very secretive race, rarely mingling with others, tend to excel in magic and archery"

    Dwarves: +1 to strength or constitution, 4 proficiences, 15 starting gold
    "Dwarves are strong, sturdy, and quite a bit shorter than others, tend to excell in melee and craftsmanship"

    Gnomes: +1 to intelligence or wisdom, 5 proficiencies, 5 starting gold
    "gnomes are a tiny, but intelligent race prone to getting in to trouble, tend to excel in craftsmanship and magic"

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