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    Submit a New Race

    Post by Admin on Tue Nov 10, 2015 3:01 pm

    The races of the world are seemingly endless, with new races being discovered every day. the rules for creating a race will be posted here. feel free to add as much lore as you would like as to the history, the traits, and other bits you might want to include. as far as bonuses go, please follow the following rules

    Creation Points: 10

    Ability Score increase +1 to a stat = 3 points

    Proficiences (base 2): 2 points

    starting gold (base 5) 1 point per 5 gold


    any deviations from this rule (such as the gnomes in the standard have 5 proficiences, or 1 point over the limit) must be approved by a GM or Admin

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