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    What You Need To Know About the Game



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    What You Need To Know About the Game

    Post by Admin on Tue Nov 10, 2015 3:36 pm

    Character creation in this game is as the name of the forum suggests, pure Freedom!
    well thats kind of a lie. there are going to be some rules and restrictions just to keep the game fair.

    but to begin with lets go over some little tidbits that will help with character creation

    The Stats
       The stats available to a character is pretty much standard fare. Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom, Intelligence, Charisma, and Constituion. nothing groundbreaking here.

      Proficiences in this game, like many others, are your characters ability to properly use certain items to their fullest extent. unlike other games, I place no artificial on what you can be proficient with. a single item, weapon, armor, or tool set, or skill. persuasion would be considered a proficiency just as much as  longsword usage would be. a character can always pick up new proficiences along the way as well. now any clearly unfair entries that would break the game or ruin the fun for others will be overruled. just be smart about it.

      Gold is Gold. its currency. the thing you get for completing quests, and the thing you pay with to buy new shiny things to outfit you character with. certain activities cost a certain amount of gold, others earn you gold. the easiest way to earn gold is to have a profession. something you do in your off time to earn your keep.

      Experience is awarded by the GM's for completing a quest, doing an exceptional deed, or other noteworthy activities at the GM's discretion. if you cheese your way through a quest you may receive reduced exp or none at all. experience is entirely up to the GM's. if you have any disputes, please send them up to an Admin for reveiw.

      Renown is awarded by the GM's for exemplary acts and other feats that can affect your overall reputation in the world. slaying a powerful monster, saving a king from a curse, and so on. Renown is usually given as a reward for major quests, World Events, and other such things.

      A Party is what you would expect from an RPG game. a group of players acting together as a group. working in a party confers many benefits as well as drawbacks. quests become easier, but the rewards get split up, as well as experience. Renown usually goes to the party as a whole, not the individual members except in cases where a particular party member stands out from the rest in a big way. where as Solo players will have an all around harder time completing most quests, but can take all of the reward and renown for themselves, but can also alienate themselves from other adventurers. The choice is yours.

      Quests in this game will not be like Quests in MMO's or other games. 100 people cant complete the same quest (unless the nature of the quest would normally allow it.) Some quests might be a one time only affair, like slaying a dragon that has been terrorizing the town. Others may be things can can come up every so often, like defending from a bandit raid, or helping out a farmer clear vermin from his fields. Once a quest is accepted by a player or a party, it is usually taken off of the request board. Some quests might be open to any who would like to try, but only the party that finishes it (and first) will get the reward. thats up the quest giver.

    Hit Points, Magic, and Stamina
      At the end of the day, you are just flesh and blood. you get wounded, drained of energy both mentally and physically. These resources reflect your current physical and mental condition. Taking damage from an enemy or hazard depletes your hit points, questing, traveling, and other activites drain your stamina, and using magic or other mentally exhausting tasks drain your magic.

    Actions in Combat
    There are three actions you can take in combat. Attack, Dodge, Block. The attack action is as straight forward as it sounds. stab them with a sword, cast a spell, shoot a bow.
    To use the attack action you state it on your post, roll a 1d20 and add in your relevent Stat modifier, Str, Dex, Int, and so on.
    To use the Dodge Action, its the same as the attack, state so in your post, roll a 1d20 and add your Dex modifier (up to what your armor allows if any) and compare that to the attacking roll. if your dodge beats the attacking roll, you take no damage.
    To use the Block action is the same as the dodge action, but you must be wielding a shield, or an off hand weapon to make the block with.

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