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    Character Creation Steps



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    Character Creation Steps

    Post by Admin on Fri Nov 13, 2015 8:37 am

    A Step by Step guide to creating your character. I recommend having your character sheet open in a different page or tab while creating the character.

    Step 1: Choose your race from any listed and approved race, and make note of its bonuses, including the ability score bonus, extra gold, and so on.

    Step 2: assign your Ability Points. you get 10 points to assign to your various abilities, with a max of 3 in each ability before your racial bonus.

    Step 3: List your proficiences in your character sheet, remember a proficiency can be nearly anything. skills, tools, knowledge, etc.

    Step 4. Submit your character to the forum, and keep an eye out for an approval message.

    Step 5: add your starting gear With starting gear lets keep it simple, 1 item from the lvl 1 weapons list, 1 set of armor from the lvl 1 armor list, and 1 extra item from either or (for an off hand weapon, shield, ammunition, spells, etc) There are a few starting items everyone will get to start with, listed here: 3 Minor Healing Potions, 1 Detailed map of The City of Ilfernis, 1 Log Book, 1 Survival Backpack, 3 Stones of Recall. Item Details are listed in the applicable shops in the city, which open up to you once you are approved as a member.

    Step 6: head to the Harlot's Blade, and introduce yourself! might even pick up a quest while your there.

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